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Classic Car Hire - 60th Birthday Gifts

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Stop, look no further, you have found the best 60th birthday present you could buy!

Relive the days when cars were really cars, lots of shiny metal, gleaming chrome and roaring engines. Maybe you even owned one of the cars in our fleet, maybe you even sold it when it was time to buy a house or start a family. Well here’s your chance to take back the past and remember the good old days. Get behind that wheel with someone you love, put your foot down and head out into some of the most spectacular and unchanged countryside in Britain.

Seeing the never ending bonnet of an E-Type Jaguar pull up next to you or hear the slow purr of a MKII Jaguar, or the throaty roar of the Healey engine, there is no better way to spend your 60th birthday than driving one of our classic cars on the open roads of Scotland. Go back further to a completely different era the 1930’s and take out our hand built Morgan 4/4 Agatha Christie style. There are no cars today that can match the style and class of the iconic cars in our fleet.

Why not take advantage of our romantic break the Mini Tour of Scotland, two days classic car hire in your chosen car, two nights four star accommodation at our own fabulous bed and breakfast, personalised route planners and maps so all you have to do is turn the key, put your foot down and feel the wind in your hair.

Caledonian Classics fleet of eight classic cars gives you plenty of choice, E-Type Jaguar, MKII Jaguar, Healey 3000, Triumph TR6, Morgan 4/4, MGB Roadster, Porsche 912, or Convertible Beetle.

Scotland is the perfect country for driving a classic car, no traffic jams, miles of empty roads and plenty of fresh air. The most stress free days you will have had for a while. We are easy to get to 40 minutes away from Edinburgh Airport, 1 hr away from Glasgow Airport. We can organise taxi transfers at preferential rates and organise dinner reservations. All you need to do is arrive and we’ll do the rest.

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