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Morgan 4/4Morgan 4/4Morgan 4/4Morgan 4/4Morgan 4/4Morgan 4/4

4/4 - 1984


Black leather interior

2 seater convertible

Lively 1800cc engine

Five speed gearbox

MOGBOX available


  • 2 Day Rate
  • Weekly Rate
  • Any Extra Day
  • 1 Nights stay at our Guesthouse including hearty breakfast
    £55 per person
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Morgan 4/4

Our current Morgan is the third one we have had on the fleet.

The original 4/4 (which stands for 4 wheels and 4 cylinders) dates back to 1936 and has the longest production run of any car model in the world.

The Morgan is now the only British owned and built sports car left and is still being hand built!

Our latest Morgan is fitted with a lively 1800cc engine, it’s a two seater with a five speed gearbox, simple controls and very easy to drive.

We can supply a MOGBOX for luggage if touring soft holdalls are best.

The Morgan is from a bygone era we can only read about; drive the Morgan through the highlands of Scotland and the magic of the 1930's will come alive. 

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