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Wednesday 25th March 2015

It seems to be ages away and then all of a sudden we are open for business.

The 2015 season starts this week. All the cars have been serviced and ready to go.

The Alfa Spider is still in the garage being restored; I think it will be 2016 before it is on the fleet.

Our bed and Breakfast Kennels Cottage has had a spring clean and looking bright and ready to go. Hopefully the hens will start laying lots of eggs although they are getting older so can’t expect too much.

The daffodils are just about to come out and they always give a huge splash of colour to the garden.We are going to need a bonfire to get rid of all the fallen sticks.

Planting out the pots at the front of the cottage is the next job, I did one yesterday and forgot about the hens and once my back was turned they dug up all my hard work, so netting is needed before I do it again.

So onwards and upwards and bring on some Spring Sunshine.

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