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Tuesday 10th March 2015

I really enjoy April in Scotland we often get dry and quite sunny weather.

We have held our group classic car tours in the middle of April in the past and we have great photographic evidence of sunshine and hoods down.

I think people always think the summer will be better and April gets forgotten.

The spring flowers arrive later up here as well so it’s a colourful month in the garden the end of the daffodils and the beginning of the bluebells.

Our garden at Kennels Cottage is a real treat in April, bluebells everywhere and quite varied in colour, white, pink and blue.

The garden is a hive of activity with all the birds and red squirrels at the feeders, it is a real joy.

I am thinking of running a retreat for writers this year at some point and maybe next April as well as it is a peaceful time to visit.

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