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Wednesday 18th February 2015

I always think we have a long time when we close in October to the beginning of the next season but before you know it we are into spring.

This year we open on the 26th of March, the E-Type Jag is being stripped and ready for a re-spray, we have purchased a restoration project in the shape of a 1970’s Alfa it is in bits in the garage, the rest of the cars are taking their turn for a general check over and service nothing major.

Normally one car a year gets painted and totally overhauled this season is the E-Type Jag next season it will be the Healey 3000.

The bed and breakfast will get a spring clean and paint and the garden will get a tidy up.

We have about 100 moles (seems like) in the garden creating a mess not sure what we are going to do about them. I do plan to plant a large wild garden at the front of the house after my success with wild flowers last year.

Lots of trees came down in the strong winds a month ago so we are still getting rid of branches; the woods behind us have taken a bashing I was worried about the red squirrels but we have 2 at the moment playing about in the garden and enjoying piles of monkey nuts every day, so all is well.

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