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Monday 4th August 2014

I really think the commonwealth games were a hit, lucky with the first week of weather too.

I listened to quite a bit on the radio and watched the highlights on TV in the evening.

I think the back stories of some of the competitors are truly inspirational, I have never been sporty myself but I deeply admire the dedication of sports people and all the people that back them up.

It did seem a very friendly games and the support for the home teams was amazing England seemed to get nearly as big a roar as Scotland.

While the games were going on we had one of our busiest weeks of the year in fact August is turning out to be our busiest month of the year, the cars are in and out all the time by about 11am we both feel like we’ve done a day’s work already.

It really varies from year to year which is the busiest time, last year it was May.

This year we have had a lot more European visitors mainly from Sweden, Norway, Germany and Switzerland who seem to favour July and August.

So head down and keep on going, the next Scottish event which is just up the road from us is the Ryder Cup.

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