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Tuesday 22nd July 2014

The south of England has had some really hot weather; my mum keeps calling me from the south coast about walking on the beach hoping for a sea breeze. 

Up in Scotland we don’t quite need a sea breeze to cool us down but the sun has been out and we’ve had lots of dry days.  We have even had to water the garden which doesn’t happen often.

It’s great to wave our customers off in the classic cars with the roof down and the sun splitting the sky, everyone is happy. This is our busiest time of year we have most of the cars out on tour in various corners of Scotland.

The garden is still full of life, baby birds everywhere, we have a new addition in the woods a baby buzzard learning how to fly, what a noise he makes!

A lorry dropped a load of pheasant food onto the road near our drive, we managed to retrieve bit so now Limpy the pheasant and his present girlfriend have their own food and not just what’s dropped by the blue tits from the bird feeders.

The red squirrels are not coming so much, the pinecones at the top of the pine trees are keeping the feed, they will be back when the supply runs out.

It is the start of the Common Wealth games tomorrow in Glasgow, it will be fantastic if this good weather continues.

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