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Friday 4th July 2014

Our garden is full on new life at the moment we have never seen it so alive and we have lived here for ten years.  Young birds queuing up to feed off the fat balls we have 9 feeders and lots of homemade bird baths scattered about on tree stumps which get mostly used by blackbirds. All the nesting boxes seem full and we have two wrens’ nests, one in my potting shed the other in a clematis bush on the wall of the garage. Just behind us is a rather haphazard buzzard’s nest containing one young buzzard perched preciously up a pine tree.

We have also a young deer that heads down past the house and into a stretch of woodland between two fields every evening. The best news is we have four young red squirrels, we knew we had two, then three appeared and one morning I was watching out of the kitchen window and could not believe my eyes as a fourth tiny red squirrel appeared on the feeder. I didn’t have time to get my camera so just enjoyed watching.

We’ve had a pheasant who comes every evening to feed normally with one or two girlfriends, he has quite a bad limp so we’ve named him limpy however it does seem to be getting better.

It would be nice to have a month off in the summer just to spend time and enjoy everything that’s going on, luckily working from home you do get time to sit back and smell the roses but while you do you always notice something that needs doing, so a month off just to enjoy without having to think about work would be a real joy.

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