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Monday 9th June 2014

Alex has purchased a new car for the fleet a Mercedes 280SL.

My memory of the SL is from the TV program Dallas which I used to watch avidly, Bobby Ewing had a red one, ours is white.

We had to go up to Aberdeen to pick it up with the trailer in howling wind and rain. I wasn’t sure what I would think of it as we have mainly stuck to British cars but we thought this being larger and an automatic it might suit the American market.

Since its arrival we have had the hard top off, so we can check out the soft top.

Everything works well and makes sense I guess that’s German engineering for you. It is a very pretty car and that’s my back talking as now getting in and out of cars is getting more difficult with my old back.  I would certainly enjoy touring round Scotland in it.

The Merc looks even better with the roof down of course and we managed a quick trip out over the weekend in the sunshine.

So we have taken photos for the website and it will be up and running next week.

I think if anyone is looking for a car with 80’s comfort and style we can certainly help them out!

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