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Monday 12th May 2014

Poor old Hong Kong Helen one of our refugee hens is sick again I think its crop rot which is really unpleasant she is back in sick bay (the laundry) in the hope she will recover but she looks very sorry for herself, we might have to visit the vet tomorrow. We really care about our hens and would hate any of them to suffer. When I go onto Facebook I am amazed at all he animal pages – so many people doing so many amazing things and so many animals being treated appallingly.

I am a vegetarian although I understand other people want to eat meat – it is all about personal choice. What I don’t understand is that a lot of people don’t care how the animals were looked after or indeed slaughtered there is no good way to slaughter an animal but the least cruel methods should be used.  I think meat should be clearly labelled and detailed about the welfare and slaughter and not just little symbols that nobody really knows the meaning of. I suppose it’s a case of cheap food and that’s why the western world has an obesity problem because not only do we want cheap food we want lots of it. I wish there could be some moderation in what we are offered, the supermarkets are convenient of course but they have lead us into a world of wasteful consumption. I don’t know what the answer is.

Going back to Hong Kong Helen all our guests comment on the colour and taste of our eggs and this is because they are feed good food and looked after well in a free range environment.  Our eggs and supermarket eggs are light and day – I suppose if we could all start buying free range eggs off local farmers that would be a start.

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