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Monday 14th April 2014

I regularly drive to Falkirk to visit the chiropractor as I have a pretty ropey back, this is not brilliant when you run a bed and breakfast, all that bed making doesn’t help of course. However the winning lottery ticket is still eluding me so the bed making continues along with pain killers and a regular trip to get my back cracked to keep me going.  So I have watched the Kelpies being built from the beginning. They always take my breath away whatever the weather or time of day. I even take the motorway on the way home just so I can get a better look.  They are amazing and quite beautiful there are some lovely photos on the Facebook page. We were lucky enough to meet the sculptor of these striking creatures a couple of weeks ago Andy Scott when he hired or rather his wife hired as a birthday surprise our E-Type Jaguar. They were a lovely couple and he was really interesting to talk too, his work is getting very popular here and in the States and you can see why, he is a very talented man. I think the Kelpies are officially open soon so we will be able to take a wander round by foot and get to see them from yet another angle.

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