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Monday 7th April 2014

We went to the Visit Scotland Expo again this year; we have found it very useful in meeting travel agents from abroad. We join Carolyn on the ‘Visit Clackmannanshire Stand’ My first appointment was with one of our best clients. I have been suffering from a cough and bad throat for about a week, talking wasn’t helping but I chatted to my clients about last year’s business until a coughing fit took over. You have no means of escape at a stand in an exhibition; I looked wildly about for help. I knew there was water in the desk cabinet, I chokingly excused myself and went to get the water, another coughing fit tripped me up literally, I managed to fall into the cabinet, the door would not open so I pulled hard it came off in my hand. All this while my bemused clients looked on, I was then given a packet of cough sweets which I opened with rather more power than intended, so they sprang out the packet and onto the floor. Not my finest moment but hopefully no harm done. By the end of the day my voice had almost disappeared even with some lubrication from the finest malts being handed out. Hopefully it was a good EXPO for everyone; it did seem quieter than usual. We met some new travel agents so fingers crossed we can work together in 2015.

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