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Monday 3rd March 2014

The hills had a slight dusting of snow on them this morning and the sun was out in fact we’ve had a few sunny days which makes you feel so much better. On my walk this morning with the dogs we came across the three deer that hang around our garden, it is so wonderful to see them up close. The dogs don’t really give chase any more like me they are getting old. Molly has found a dead deer somewhere in the woods because every day she comes back with a rotting body part clamped tightly in her jaw, not pleasant and it is a fight to get it off he.

The garden is still vey water logged and there is not much I can do. I can’t wait to see the daffodils out in flower they are above ground but all I can see is green.  The opening of the season is getting nearer and nearer, we are painting, cleaning carpets and purchasing new items for the bedrooms, it’s all go and people have the cheek to say I spend all winter on holiday Ha! The Austin Healey is having some major body work done; we are expecting a load of parts to arrive today, and a hugely expensive invoice to go with them.  No doubt it will look beautiful when finished!

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