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Monday 17th February 2014

The garden is full of snowdrops, carpets of them, so pretty.  It does feel like spring is here or at least on its way. We had a dry weekend, with a little snow on the hills but greeted with rain today.  It is hard to get enthusiastic about the garden until things dry off. Our sickly hen, Hong Kong Helen is still alive, still in sick bay, she is going to the vets today as we just don’t know what to do next. We have been letting her outside in the sunshine and she pecks away at the ground for a second or two and that’s it, she had a few scraps of bacon this morning but nothing seems to really get her to eat.

We are getting all the boring jobs done this week, cleaning, accounts and paintwork never ending but has to be done. We are looking forward to seeing the E-Type with its new re-sprayed bonnet; I cannot believe we are open in a month’s time.

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