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Tuesday 11th February 2014

One of our hens isn’t looking so good, it’s ‘Hong Kong Helen’ (long story), she is one of our refugees.  The rest of her brood belonged to our neighbour and were killed by a fox , she was the only one standing so we took her in. HK Helen is a real character the guests love her; she’s a loner but always manages to find her way to the kitchen door while the other hens are still shaking themselves awake. Her favourite dish of the day is bacon, pretty lucky she is living at a bed and breakfast establishment.

A few days ago she wasn’t looking so good all hunched up, hiding under the hawthorn hedge, so we took her into our sickbay (boot room) she is now in a cardboard box with the radiator turned up high, dishes of tuna and bacon trying to tempt her to eat. No idea what’s wrong with her if hens get sick it normally means curtains. Today she looked a wee bit better we even let her out for a walk but she soon came back to the door and the warmth. All we can do now is keep her comfortable and hope she will be okay.

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