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Wednesday 8th January 2014

I am sick of the rain. I miss the cold, I wish we could have a frost. Taking the dogs for their morning walk through the woods at the back of Kennels Cottage is like an army assult course with great big lakes of water everywhere and trees down across the paths. I met the deer again this morning. Trying to clean the dogs takes about half an hour to remove all the mud. The chickens look fed up as well trying to find shelter under the hedges, we are due to get six more hens at the end of January from friends who are moving to spain (lucky them).

The bed and breakfast boring jobs have started, cleaning carpets, washing all the bedding, all the sofa covers are in the laundry. Alex is back in the garage just the Healey adn E-Type left to do, although lots to do paintwork and body wise, so it’s all go.

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