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Sunday 5th January 2014

The festive season is over and we are trying to get back to normal. The winter is when we can get all the things done we need to do before the arrival of guests in 2014. Most people think we take the winter off – I don’t think so.

First job today is tidy the garage before we can start we need to build the ‘Llttle Owl’ nesting box we got for Christmas and also decide where to put it. We hear owls all the time here it would be great to get them to use the box. The red squirrels are eating their body weight in monkey and hazelnuts every day it’s so good to see them, we have two at the moment and they are a joy to watch. Actually today I went to fill their feeder up and I disturbed 3 deer who were munching in grass , it was like wild life on one in our very own garden.

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