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Monday 20th April 2015

I was interested to hear that they had found King Richards’s remains under a car park in Leicester as his death had a direct impact on my own life. I had looked in to my family history long before it became popular and through Mr Alan Worsfold who had done all the amazing groundwork, I could trace my ancestry right back to one person, a German mercenary who fought at the battle of Bosworth in 1485 on the side of Henry VII.

I thought mercenary sounded quite wild and interesting at the time until I later found out he was probably a prisoner in France and his passport to freedom was to get involved in someone else’s war. If Richard hadn’t been killed and  hurriedly buried under a car park, my ancestor would have met a very unpleasant end and that as they say would have been that.

I watched people line the streets as Richard went to his final burial place a much more salubrious affair than he had previously experienced.  I thought of my ancestor thanking his lucky stars all those years ago, he had by pure chance picked the winning side. He ended up in a village in Surrey called Abinger Hammer. I was born hundreds of years later just up the road, the circle of life. So I really can say, Richard III……. it was either him or me.

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