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Friday 8th May 2015

When we started this business 12 years ago (often feels like 112), we were in our early 40’s and all our clients seemed to be in their 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s, we assumed it was the nostalgia thing, memories of a rich Uncle who used to turn up on summer days in his E-Type Jaguar or the old lady next door who teetered about in a Morris Minor and always wore a hat. My memories are mainly of my mother kangarooing from one village to another in various motors but that’s another story.

Over the last couple of years we have noticed a big shift in age group of our cliental, we still get middle aged people (which is what we are now – scary) and we also get lots of customers in the 25 to 35 year old age bracket, people that have never driven a car without power steering and as for using a choke, what’s a choke? At first we thought it would bring problems but we have found young people to be really respectful of the cars, they are here for a bit of fun, an enjoyable experience, they don’t need an E-Type Jaguar to have a good time, they are equally happy to head off in the MGB or Morgan, although the Healey a pretty difficult car to drive has been popular. It is great that the younger generation see a value in these old classics, gives me hope for the future, in this throwaway society.

Also we have noticed that the youngsters are not constantly on their mobile phones or IPADs they actually seem to be happy to chat and chill out while our older generation of guests seem to be more glued to technology than ever before. We have had a real cross section of the under 35’s a lot with worthwhile careers, careers that will make a real difference. We enjoy their company and it’s great to see them come back after a road trip with stories about their adventures around Scotland and people they have met.

There is a lot of moaning about the youth of today, I think they have it  hard. I was happy to have my youth when I did, not judged on face book and twittered to death, we could be different without being bullied for it. As for buying a house it was something we drifted into eventually, now it is a huge mountain to climb, rather them than me.

So we have no complaints with our young customers, they are a breath of fresh air.

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