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Seeing things differently in a classic car

Tuesday 26th May 2015

The reason behind people deciding to hire one of our classic cars to tour round Scotland seems to be because they just want to drive something a bit quirky, a bit unique.

What we have found over the last 11 years is that they set off in a classic car expecting a new driving experience but the same holiday experience you would get when driving a Euro box.

When they return after the tour the first thing everyone says to us is what a different holiday experience they’ve had.

As soon as you spark the car into life and head out on the open road you can forget about using your mobile phone or your bluetooth you can’t hear anything anyway, same goes for the radio, instead you talk to each other, you have time to think, to ponder to look. For the first time in ages the modern world with all its clingy needs and wants is left behind you.

No GPS to take you on all the boring roads, you use a map and ask human beings for directions if you get lost.

Smells are another thing, with the hood down you capture the essence of where you are driving, wild garlic in the hedge rows, the warm smell of heather, bluebell woods have a beautiful perfume, the sea even if you can’t see it, the sharp smell of pine and the most surprising smell in Scotland is coconut from all the yellow gauze.

When you pull up, people help you find a car space, they come and chat to you about the car, you get helped in ways of times gone by and other road and pavement users actually smile and wave at you – refreshing in so many ways.


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