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Restoration the headache and hardwork begins

Restoration the headache and hardwork begins

Monday 1st February 2016

When I first saw the car it didn't look too bad, as with all classics first impressions are never quite what they seem. After a good clean and inspection - I knew it would need a total restoration from the bottom up. So I put it at the back of the garage as the 2014 season was upon us and I had no time to get started on it. At the end of the season I luckily managed to get some space over at a friend’s farm where we will be able to complete the restoration of the body work. After stripping the car of all mechanical parts, engine, front and back suspension, gearbox and the interior we hitched up the trailer again and headed off with the Alfa, a kettle, teabags, plenty of biscuits and a gas heater.



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