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Le Figaro Magazine

Scotland in vintage car

We declare that the splendor of the world has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed. (...) A roaring car that seems to run on shrapnel is more beautiful than the Victory of Samothrace. "This was in 1909, in the columns of Le Figaro, which Filippo Tommaso Marinetti published his Manifesto of Futurism. The same year in Britain, the British Harry Morgan, who had probably never read a book or even a line of Italian writer, would give substance to this dream by opening his studio in Malvern (Worcestershire). 


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Huffington Post

Drive Scotland in a Classic Car

I don't know how Inspector Morse managed it. Not only did he have to solve murders, he was also driving a bus. Well, technically it was a Jaguar MKII, but when I get behind the steering wheel it feels like a bus. The steering wheel is bigger, looser and slimmer than anything I've driven before, while the gear stick is shorter and stubbier. Am I safe to be let out on the roads of Clackmananshire and drive this gorgeous classic car?

Fortunately - or unfortunately - Alex Stewart thinks I am.


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Sunday Times

Whiskey & Wilderness - the Scottish Lowlands

Take any road - be it high or low, Scotland's moodily romantic good looks and long daylight hours make it irresistible in summer. Northwest of Edinburgh, pick up the A91 under the lofty wooded acropolis of Stirling Castle, weaving past meadows and farms before startling the pheasents by austere 14th-century Doune Castle. Follow the A84 into the Trossachs, where racing cloud shadows alter the views over the highlands and lochs. Feast on wild venison within easrshot of Killin's rambunctious white water at the Falls of Dochart Inn...

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Gurdian: Life and Style - Activities: Scotland

This former gamekeeper's cottage is 13 miles from Stirling and has four bedrooms with double beds and en suite bathooms. Classic cars such as an E-Type Jaguar, MKII Jaguar, Austin Healey, Morgan, Triumph TR6, MGB Roadster and a convertible Beetle are available to hire for the day or weekend and two-day packages that include transfers, accommodation and details of driving routes costs about £500.

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Guardian - 25 cracking breaks

Compiled by Tim Bryan

Go touring in a classic motor... For the Highlands, pick up a Morgan 4/4 (£180 a day) or VW Karmann Beetle convertible (£140) from (they will pick you up at any station/airport). The company also books hotels and suggests routes.

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BBC Olive Magazine


A fresh, stylish gamekeeper’s cottage with white walls, white sofas, beiges and creams and the odd flash of gold. There’s a Buddha in the fireplace, books, modern paintings and no dutter. Bedrooms and bathrooms are spotless, bright and designed for comfort with huge towels and gorgeous linen.


Locally sourced breakfasts include organic smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, poached eggs with bacon, homemade Scottish pancakes with fresh fruit and, in winter, porridge with organic oats and cream. There’s a new chicken run so there will be on-site egg-layers soon, too, and meat comes from Puddledub Pork, a local farm that makes its own sausages. Price Doubles from £60

Whereto go for dinner

Owners Tanya Worsfold and Alex Stewart recommend: ‘The Castle Campbell Hotel is a small, friendly hotel that serves local food in the bar or restaurant. A favourite is Aberdeen Angus fillet with flat mushrooms and black pudding made in Inverness

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Saturday Times

Beyond the B&B: rooms with added vroom


Take the high road through Scotland when you bunk up at this former gamekeeper’s cottage near the town of Dollar. The owners of the pretty four-star B&B offer guests the use of a classic car for the weekend, and will provide maps, itineraries and suggest good places for an overnight stop. Take your pick from six little beauties including an E-Type Jaguar, a Porsche 911 and a Jensen Healey, each worth up to £18,000. Guests arrive in Edinburgh on Friday evening stay two nights at the cottage and hop in the car for two day tours of Scotland, taking in lochs, glens and mountains.

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Karma collected - LYNN COCHRANE

TANYA Worsfold should write a book: The Stress Free Guide to Refurbishing Your Home. Rule number one would be to direct proceedings from Hong Kong while your trusted partner, Alex Stewart, deals with the dirty jobs in Dollarbeg, by Dollar. Rule number two would be to time your arrival perfectly. "They were putting the carpets in as the furniture and I pulled into the drive," says Tanya.

Kennels Cottage is testament to her relaxed approach. A very stylish B&B, the place is a haven of white walls, crisp bed linen, fresh flowers and some rather beautiful (and highly polished) Asian furniture. Most people, she says, could run a perfectly acceptable B&B. However, she wants to offer guests something a little more special.

"I think living in Asia you learn about customer service," she explains, relaxing on one of the pristine cream couches in the guest sitting room. The view from the house, all rolling hills and green pastures, could not be more different from the dramatic urban landscape of Hong Kong.

Tanya and Alex spent 11 years there. Tanya had her own business as a relocator, with clients including businesses such as Motorola and Shell. It was her job to help staff recently arrived off the plane to find everything from a house to a good school for their children. Alex, meanwhile, was working in the construction industry. Although they had talked about returning to Europe, Scotland was not top of their list of places in which to settle. Having lived in Cyprus and Minorca, mainland Europe seemed, at least initially, rather more appealing.


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Sunday Express

Tanya Worsfold, 42, used to own a relocation consultancy in Hong Kong. Now she runs a b&b in the Scottish Highlands with her partner, Alex Stewart, 45. They are in their second year and also offer guests a range of classic cars to tour the surrounding countryside.

Tanya says: We dreamed about living the country life and Alex was brought up here so that’s why we chose Clackmannanshire. It’s only about 30 minutes from Edinburgh airport so it’s an ideal spot to tour anywhere in Scotland.


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Scotsman Motoring

It's your big day - so pick a wedding car with the vow factor - PETER EVANS

THE bride's dress is bought, the groom looks the business in his kilt, the cake's on order and the reception's booked. Now what about the car?

Weddings are costly occasions, with brides in particular wanting everything to be just perfect so treasured memories can be preserved for years to come, when the photo album is thumbed through.

The right transport completes the picture, and many couples are moving away from the traditional white limo and going in search of something out of the ordinary. It's their way of stamping the day with individuality. So it's out with the white Roller or Mercedes and in with a Beauford, an E-Type Jag, or even a convertible Beetle.


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Sunday Times


A classic Jaguar makes a road trip along the winding roads of the Trossachs one to remember, writes Claire Prentice

The obvious technical differences aside, driving a classic car is much like pushing a pram in Italy. Everywhere you go you are the subject of admiring glances, crowds gather to coo and everyone. wants to know how old she is and whether she gives you any trouble. Taking her out is by its very nature an event rather than a simple matter of getting from A to B.

Bessie, as the 1962 Jaguar Mk II we have hired for the weekend has been nicknamed, gives little cause for concern, provided you do things her way. Her preferred speed is 50mph, ideally done on quiet, meandering country roads. Which makes the Trossachs ideal for a day trip.


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